New Year – Same me.

Here we are again! This time it is 2018.

I have read so many inspiring posts in all of the social platforms out there. Truly, so many people with great hearts. I would LOVE to have 24/7 access to that kind of motivation.  But, I don’t – I have me, myself, and I.  And I have proven year after year that I allow life to distract me from my goals. I allow “busy” to take the front burner. Then 365 days are over and I’m only a few steps closer to my goals – but really, I feel as though I’ve failed.  (insert crybaby and eye rolling emojis here.)

SO.  I decided to take inventory of what usually distracts me. If you know me – my family comes first – always. But even with making every sports event, getting them to every practice, and making-ish dinner etc., there is in fact, no excuse, and EVEN time during the day to carve out for my goals. Hence my real problem. TIME MANAGEMENT.  This is the goal I repeatedly chase while it points and laughs at me.  Planners, reminders, post it notes, schedules…no success.  This tells me that my issue goes deeper. I can schedule things all day- but the lack of DISCIPLINE to follow the schedule is where it’s at for me.  Turns out, the hardest work is taking inventory of my self defeating habits. I sabotage myself without even thinking about it. There’s no need to go into WHY this happens – because that is a long story – we all have our long stories that make us who we are – and create opportunity for us to persevere. That’s all it is….opportunity to succeed anyway.

While everyone stumbles across different obstacles on their road to success – try going a bit deeper than your goals or resolutions themselves. Especially if you are a chronic resolution forfeit-er. Find your behavior or lack of action, or distraction and then figure out why you allow that to block or delay your success.

Personally, I’ve decided I’m taking care of myself first this year. I DESERVE to follow the schedule I set out for myself. I DESERVE to achieve the goals I set for myself.  I will not stand in my own way out of fear of success. I will talk to myself in a positive manner, and I do these things because that is what I want for my kids.  Those sentences are positive affirmations that I, or you, or anyone can say to yourself throughout the day to change those negative habits we have grown so comfortable with. I attach something strong to the end, “that is what I want for my kids” – because it gives me the motivation to continue to better myself. I want my kids to see me becoming better and they are a big motivator for me.  Find what motivates you, grab a hold of it and let it pull you forward this year.

new year same me