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Let’s talk about NUTRITION!  Woohoo!  Over the last few weeks, I have been asked about good protein shakes/options for adults, active or mal-nourished children, and adolescents…My personal preference is below – take it or leave it folks! 🙂  Skip to the end and click on the green link to gain more info on the protein my family uses daily!

Rumor and research has it that your food intake is responsible for 80% of your appearance. Well – I concur.  Eating a diet balanced with high quality proteins, “good” carbs, good fats,  and limited sugar – should prove, over time, to help you maintain a healthy weight.  But while, clearly, your diet is important. VERY important…so is working out. We need resistance training to keep our bones working, growing, and our body guessing.  Simply eating right will help prevent obesity, and possibly help with other issues, however, it won’t grow strength, agility, or balance. To grow old gracefully we need to step up our coordination and balance exercises…IT’S A MUST because it can help prevent falls and other injuries. (provided you use proper technique…which is where a good coach comes in!) I’m a firm believer in Interval training as the best way to improve metabolism, strength, and endurance while offering low impact options…I’m a low impact fan because we need to take care of our joints now to be as comfortable as possible later.  🙂  More on that subject later!

SO! In order to train effectively – you MUST be fueled properly. Here is where your diet is key. Please please please don’t train hard and long and expect to build muscle while functioning in a caloric deficit…you will fatigue very quickly and be at risk for injury due to poor form. Enter all programs slowly and well informed please!

Protein intake is essential to build muscle, and muscle is important to burn fat. We know there are TONS of protein options out there. TONS.  However, I strongly suggest you do your research. Powders can be difficult to absorb – while you take in some protein – likely it’s not as much as you think.  Some are full of other supplements that may or may not be messing with your hormones, brain, kidneys, liver, etc…  My family opts for a different type of protein.   Liquid Egg Whites (see link below) and we all love them. The kids put it in their cereal (me too) – mix it in chocolate milk, almond milk, iced coffee – orange juice…you can even make an egg white omelet!  They work miracles for those going through chemo – when nothing else can get down – these do…It’s easily digested – and you get it all folks…if you are set on your protein powder – just mix it in with these and double it up!   If you want to talk to someone in person – call them up – tell them that Coach Vanessa sent you – and start to build muscle and burn fat like no tomorrow!!

ALSO….Carbs are necessary…not the junky ones like cupcakes and white breads…but good carbs…mostly talking fruits and vegetables…high quality grains (unless you are going grain free)  and good fats are very important also – avocado, full fat butter, nuts, and olive oil to name a few…(these lubricate our joints as well as a great deal of other benefits!)  Always drink more water than you think you should and try to steer clear of diet fads and quick fixes. It took time to get “out of shape” and it will take time and effort to get back into a healthy state.  Persevere, operate with patience, love yourself in the middle of it all – and BE CONSISTENT.  Notice I didn’t say “be perfect”……just stay at it. You will see results.  If you have any questions, find me….we’ll talk.  Again – ease into any new program and do what YOU are able…just DO SOMETHING!   XOXOXO

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Click Here to Order!

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