CORE Fitness Camp

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BOOT CAMP SCHEDULE:                                                                                    Mon / Wed / Friday –  8:15-9:05am                                                                           Tues / Thurs –  5:30am                                                                                                 Mon / Wed –  5:45pm  at 6307 Lohman Ford Rd.                  *Indoor/Outdoor*  (Right side of Academy Building)                                                Sign up online to the right!  =>

TOTAL BODY TONING CLASS:                                                                                  Tues / Thurs – 8:15-9:15am                                                                                        LOW IMPACT:  Tues / Thurs – 9:40-10:40am                                                at The Studio (6307 Lohman Ford Rd) *Indoor*                                          Last Suite on the right!

PERSONAL TRAINING: By appointment.  If you are looking for more one on one training. Let’s set a date.

You can come to any and all of our classes!  🙂  Bring a MAT, some dumbbells if you have them and PLENTY OF WATER!

We work hard on building CORE muscles neglected by our daily routine…sitting at a computer, standing too long, sitting too long, and poor habits developed over the years.  You’ll be amazed at what core strength can do for you and your posture!

Sign up and get moving today! $75 monthly ($70 for automated draft)- unlimited workouts! ($35 spouse rate)

Try us out for a week! $25 allows access to 5 workouts – (they don’t have to be all in one week)  Sign up to the RIGHT! =>

Drop in fee: $5