Elusive Inspiration…

I love being inspired, it’s an AMAZING feeling. I am elevated to an addictive level and feel capable of brilliance. My gifts are being used exactly what they are purposed for…however… I apparently lack the ability to magically place my thoughts on “paper.” My super on-point, one of a kind material – becomes lame. Immediate feelings that my gifts are not as gifty as I thought creep in…. the lapse of time from walking to my lap top, the slowness of typing these things,  my incompetent mouse, with one single erroneous click, deletes whole paragraphs…thus creating ample room for doubt, frustration, and gargantuan space to forget my brilliance – and then…..it’s gone. Organizing thoughts on the screen suck the life out of my fleeting and fickle inspiration. My thoughts begin as a whimsical fairy with mesmerizing, gorgeous, flowy movements amidst sparkly luster dust which perfectly coordinates AND illuminates her every move, all the while the faint aroma of energizing citrus yet slightly floral goodness creates a harmonious masterpiece in my mind…Then as I ignore my wrestling children to sit down to share this enlightenment…the finished product mirrors a tortoise laying her eggs in the sand.  Still cool – but nothing sparkly, flowy, or pleasantly aromatic about it.

I can offer this.  If an idea crosses your mind – and it seems to be a good one – one leading to other inspirational thoughts….IMMEDIATELY write it down – I use my notes app on my phone. This works for me for a few reasons. Most importantly – they are all in one place – 2nd most important – I have my phone with me always because apparently people have fits (including myself) if I don’t.  So stop making 17 lists of ideas on 17 different pieces of paper.  Choose one notebook, one journal, one app, where you can stream all of your crazy and brilliant ideas for the life you want to lead and jot them down immediately.  You know as well as I do – when you try to remember your super amazing idea later….it just isn’t there, or maybe just a glimpse is there as it snickers at your confusion…  Whether you’re a song writer or the fundraiser chair in the PTO – If inspiration strikes while you are in the shower – get out of the shower – naked, cold and wet – and jot it down…it may not be pretty…but you will be so glad you did… Probably. Disclaimer: I don’t promise good ideas….just a way to access YOUR ideas later.  The “good” part is up to you and you alone brave one.

Discouragement.  The not so great natural part of inspiration, motivation, determination, etc.  It takes confidence to express your ideas in a clear and attractive manner.  Have you ever had an idea and casually started to talk to people about it? You start out excited and a little dorky – you find yourself seeking  approval in their expressions and body language – maybe they appear confused or disinterested – you feel your excitement dwindling mid conversation….You begin to doubt how cool your idea really is – you say things like – “I don’t know…it’s just a thought…” – you minimize your idea based on someone else’s lack of understanding or creativity – or their urge to go to the bathroom.  Do yourself a favor and decide right now not to do this.  Maybe hold off sharing your idea until you have really really worked out the kinks – or only share it with your “brain circle” – your think tank. This is your safe place where you really can air out your ideas in a group of understanding, like minded, people willing to offer beneficial and sound advice. Tossing it out to the general public is dangerous…it leaves you vulnerable and may cause you to squash something that could be great…before it’s truly matured.  Be careful who you share your thoughts with…until you are quite ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  How bad do you want and believe in your own success? If you aren’t serious about your goals…you will be easily deterred.  So get serious and proceed.

Inspire others.  Encourage others throughout the day….in the little things.  People…if you are having a hard time doing this…figure out why. Why is it hard for you to say nice things to someone?  Are you jealous for some reason?  Feeling bitter?  Are you afraid there isn’t enough success to go around and they might steal some of yours??  Search your heart for what you want out of life…then think about the joy others would gain from this same success…imagine the infinite abundance in the world…YES, there is an infinite supply of abundance, but it must be romanced into becoming your own. Know  with confidence there is more than enough to go around. By accepting this and genuinely wanting others to be successful and happy – you find yourself much closer to achieving your own. Not merely because positive networks filled with like-minded individuals are awesome – and beneficial – but because you are opening yourself to opportunity and growth to which the universe will respond positively…you know that you get what you give. Choose to be stingy and your success will be limited in reflection….if you choose to be generous – you will gain equally.  Choose to be happy for others in their triumphs and pray for a heart that gives freely without expecting something in return.  You will see results in yourself and your surroundings.

Lord, our creator of this beautiful Universe and the fibers that flow between us, we know we are called to love others the way we love ourselves. It’s not as difficult as we make it out to be. We choose to allow hate in our minds, we choose to allow others to manipulate our mood. I pray, instead, we will choose You.  That we will always seek the positive – even when we feel like everything is crumbling around us – I pray we will be the light for those truly in the dark. Help us get over ourselves – our spoiled attempts – and be happy for those around us while we strive to be the successful person you have chosen us to be.  I pray for the success of these readers, and I place them lovingly in Your hands, always.  xo